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About two years ago I posted on my Facebook page that I would be offering the pattern to this quilt on my Etsy shop.  Once I sat down and tried to make a real pattern for this chicken scratch pattern I was working with:



I decided not to bother. Yesterday, I totally got caught!!! Someone saw the quilt on my Facebook page with the long forgotten promise of a pattern and asked for proof of it’s existence. Oops! I never want to shirk on a promise, so here is what I came up with. It is rough to say the least. A math whiz I am not, so I honestly have to admit that I haven’t figured out exactly how much fabric you will need. When I made this quilt for a client, I was working mostly with scraps she had sent me and with odds and ends of fabric I had or picked up.  


Quilt measures 90″x90″ (queen size)

All cuts are 3″ strips

Red and blue strips:


16-7.5″, 11.5″, and 15.5″


White strips:

24-8.5″ and 12.5″



16-6.5″ and 2.5″


Here is a very rough pattern. When I made this up, I didn’t leave room for the extra row of strips, so just be sure to add one extra group on the end (as you can see in my original sketch). I repeated this pattern so I had three complete sets of blue and red, and two halves on the ends. 


I really hope this all makes sense!! I was in a rush today, so I may try to make it a little clearer later. Please leave comments if you don’t understand my mad thoughts! 


68 thoughts on “Free Patriotic Quilt Pattern

    • Hey I finally made the quilt I really love it if I don’t want to stitch in the ditch what other quilt pattern would look good

      • Yay! I’d love to see it! I’m a huge fan of free motion quilting bc it’s quick, but looks really nice as well. If you wanted to get a bit fancier, you could do a star or swirl quilt pattern that I think could look really nice.

      • Hey Ruth! Yes. I’m sorry. This pattern is pretty old. Right click on the image and download it. I will have to update it one of these days 🙂

    • When you make this quilt, I’ve made a similar one in the past. You have to pin your pieces to the above row to make sure you don’t have the same fabric touching before sewing the row on.

  1. Iam cutting strips and getting read to make the quilt, but I do have question. Did you sew the first row east to west, and sew the second the same way. And then sew the first and second row together?

    • Hey Mary! So glad to hear my pattern is getting some use! Yes-I sewed the rows horizontally first, then attached them together vertically. Hope that helps! Please send me pictures of the completed quilt when you are done! I would love to see it 🙂

  2. Hello! I was just wondering how you decided which fabric to cut which size strips from? Or did you just choose randomly? I’m making this quilt this weekend! 🙂

    • Hi! This was actually a custom quilt I did for one of my clients via my Etsy shop. ( ) and she showed me a picture of a quilt she liked and I had to create the pattern from there. She wanted it to be patriotic and sent me some fabrics that she already had. From there, I just supplemented fabrics that I thought would match well. As far as deciding which fabrics to cut for what, I think I just decided as I went. That is usually how I do things! I just cut long strips of each fabric, then decided as I went which fabric I wanted to use next and would cut it accordingly. I know that doesn’t sound too scientific! 🙂 I would love to see your quilt when you are done!

      • What color thread did you use to do the stitch in the ditch?
        Thank you. I also saw a comment about adding an inch to the strips. I was confused about that as well.

      • I am making the quilt and cut it down to twin size. I had to work on the strip sizes as I went along, but I finished piecing it and love it! Thanks for the idea!


    • I’m so glad you like it and it turned out well for you! I’m sorry the measurements were a little off. I made this so long ago, I am sure I had to make alterations to it, too. Glad you got it worked out! Please, please do send pictures of it! I can even feature it in my blog 🙂

    • Dawn, I am getting ready to start my quilt but question. If you added 1 inch to the red and blue didn’t you have to add an inch to the white also?

    • Hi there, I am just now beginning this quilt. I see your note about adding an inch to the strips. I am completely confused. I have the longest strips cut already. I am wondering if you had a pattern or something I could follow? IF I dont add the inch, will I just get a more narrow quilt with the right “look”. I don’t really care about it being 90 x90 but I do want the diamond pattern to look uniform throughout. Any advice would be appreciated 🙂
      My email is

      • As far as adding the one inch, I’m not sure. My guess is the person who commented that meant to the width? I made this quilt so very long ago that I can’t remember it exactly. I quilt like I cook- I make it up as I go! That’s probably not very helpful. But again,I think she meant the width. Hope that helps!

  4. I am a little confused. When they said they added a inch to the red and blue did that mean in length or width? I am also assuming that they had to add it to the white also. Thanks again for your help!

  5. Sorry about the confusion! That is suposed to say 8-8.5 strips for the outer edges, but since you already have 8.5 strips, it makes 32 total. Hope that makes sense! I think I made this quilt five years ago and really just learned as I went, so I hope it turns out well!! 🙂

  6. I’ve seen a picture of this quilt on a number of pinterest pages and I have finally tracked it back to here – yaah! I’d just like to say thanks for the pattern and that I’m sure to give it a try in the new year as I think it’s a beautiful quilt.

  7. Hi! I just attended a Quilt Retreat with the”Electric City Quilters” from Abbeyville SC. They are very devoted quilters particularly with the Quilts Of Valor. This looks like a perfect pattern to pass on to them. It is very nice and looks like anyone should be able to do one. I am going to make one, but please note, not every quilt of valor, need be in typical “Patriotic” colors. Some Vets particularly the ladies request other colors. I think this quilt is clever and could be wonderful in an other color pattern too. Thank you so much for generously sharing the pattern. I am going to pass it on as well.

  8. Heyyyyy!! I love your pattern!! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 Perfect for all the jelly rolls and homeybuns ive collected over the years. Love it!! Amie 🙂

  9. I have started making this quilt. finally and it is turning out really nice. Thanks for sharing this quilt as i just love it and i will enjoy the finished project,

  10. I love this quilt!! thanks for providing it and the diagram. I am attempting this quilt as my comeback quilt as I haven’t made any in 25 years! I am going to attempt to make it with jelly rolls so I will need to adapt the amount somewhat. I am going to make it in a twin size…..ssssoooo wish me luck and thanks again!

  11. Hey Courtney, I love love love this quilt! I am almost finished collecting my fabrics for this quilt and I have a couple projects ahead that have to be done. When it is completed I will send photos. Have you made another quilt with this pattern? Has anyone one sent in photos? I would love to see photos of some of the other quilts if you have some photos. This is one of my favorite Patterns of Quilts ever.

    • I’m so glad you like it! I have not used this pattern again myself and no one has sent a photo in, yet. I’m so anxious to see one!! This pattern was a favorite of mine, too. I’d LOVE to see your finished product!

  12. I made a cream, grey, and brown quilt using your pattern for my spare bedroom. It turned out great. I found your instructions easy to follow and things went quickly once I got into the swing of the layout. I added a 6″ border around the end as I like my quilts to drape. It lays on a queen sized bed. Thank you!

  13. I am making this for my son. I was wondering about the quilting part. Did you quilt as you go or did you put it all together than quilt it?

    • I put it together and then quilted it the traditional way. You could possibly quilt as you go… Not sure how with this pattern, but maybe you could figure it out! 😊 Let me know how it goes!

  14. I just discovered your beautiful patriotic quilt, love anything red/white/blue! I didn’t notice a name for your pattern. It looks similar to a lantern quilt. In your patriotic colors it reminded me of the story of Paul Revere, “One if by land, two if by sea!” What do you think of naming it “Patriot’s Lantern”?

  15. my niece asked for a bright quilt for a wedding gift. The strips I have cut are 4.5 wide, which I will use. I;ll keep you apprised of my progress. thank you for being so creative

  16. I’m off to buy fabric. Just love your quilt hope it’s ready by the 4th of July. Thank you!!
    Mary Grace

    • Hi Kristen
      I am about to start on this quilt being at home here in New Zealand under our coved=19 lockdown
      I would really appreciate a photo to visualise the finished version
      Like you I will make it to fit a king size bed.
      Would you kindly email me at:
      Happy quilting
      Many thanks and kind regards
      Janet Parker

  17. I made this quilt for my son. He served in the marines for 10 years. It turned out really good. Love it, thanks for the pattern.

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