Valentine’s Day L-O-V-E




(you can order this print for your special Valentine)

Don’t you just love Valentine’s Day? Being a huge romantic at heart, I love to find the romance in every day. I admit I do have this pretty incredible husband (and incredible is kind of a huge understatement), but even if I didn’t, romance is painted all around us, we just have to look. I found it in my cup of coconut, mango oolong tea this morning that warmed me from top to bottom on a snot-freezing morning. I found a bit of romance in the warm slippers and cozy sweater I put on this morning. I found it in the sloppy kisses and bear hugs I got from two squirmy little girls this morning. I found it in the stillness of my home once everyone left and I had two faithful dogs laying at my feet and one orange cat sprawled on the bed beside me. And, if you are anything like me, I found it in the ideas just bursting out of my head for little projects I can do this week; quilts to be made, valentine’s day boxes to be fashioned, treats to be baked, and love to be spread through creative process! Here are a few projects I am thinking of working on this week:

1.Doggie in Tutu Valentine’s Day box


2. Heart Tarts



3.Heart quilt



What projects do you plan to do for Valentine’s day? Do tell!! 



Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Cake

When my husband and I first got married ten years ago, he was constantly requesting me to make his favorite things his mom used to make. I have to admit this used to be a source of contention at one point when I tried to surprise him by making chicken enchiladas, only to have him take one bite and say, “These aren’t like the ones my mom makes.” After being married for awhile, we have both grown a bit wiser :). I have learned to embrace the meals and desserts his mom has made, and he has learned to accept that I can’t help but add my own flavor to anything I might make in the kitchen. He has also learned the valuable lesson that should be written in the Wives 101 manual: don’t ever tell your wife she doesn’t do something as well as your mom. So, I will give you two alternatives to this recipe: 1) the original recipe my mother-in-law used to make, and my own version of it. Let me clarify by saying that I do not believe that my recipe is better than hers, I just wanted to give you both alternatives because hers is so super yummy too!

1) My version 🙂


-1 package for sandwich cookies of your choosing

-Jar of hot fudge

-candy of your choosing, preferably chocolate of some sort:)

-2 half gallons of ice cream of your choosing

Put sandwich cookies in the bottom of your pan and smash. If you have children, this is a great way to get them involved. If your kids are anything like mine, they love getting the chance to smash things, and it’s better when they actually get permission to do so!Melt hot fudge according to the instructions on the jar and spread it over top of the cookies. Spread a layer of ice cream on top of that, and cover with candy. It helps if you set the ice cream out a few minutes before you are going to use it to soften it up a little. As you can see, I opted for chocolate ice cream and peanut m and m’s, but you can use so many variations. I just made an Andy’s Candies cake for my dad’s birthday, and it was to die for! I used a layer of chocolate ice cream, the candies, and then a layer of Andy’s Candies ice cream they had at my grocery store. It was even generic. Go figure!
Crush a few more cookies and sprinkle them on top of this layer, add more hot fudge, another layer of ice cream, and put candy on the top layer. Put it in freezer. That is it! It only takes about fifteen minutes to make.

My mother-in-law’s:

-1 stick butter

-1 Jar hot fudge

-1 Jar caramel or butterscotch

-1 Jar of peanuts

-2 half gallons of ice cream

-Candy of your choosing

The instructions for her version are much the same as mine, only you melt the butter and mix it with the cookies in the bottoms of the pan to help them stick together. I have found that this is not necessary, because the filling in the cookies, and the hot fudge, plus putting it in the freezer all do the trick well enough. In this recipe you  also add the caramel sauce and peanuts to the candy and hot fudge.

The reason I have altered the recipe is mostly because I am cheap and eliminated elements of it that I didn’t feel were absolutely necessary to make this a great cake. The ingredients add up really quickly. Also, the original recipe is super rich and sweet, and I like things “toned down” a little bit. I am not as fond of things that are super rich, and my recipe is still rich enough. Anyway, I will let you decide for yourself! Enjoy!