DIY Sock Monkey Slippers

I saw these adorable sock monkey slippers in a few stores, and I thought to myself “I think I can totally do that.” My motto is “Anything can be accomplished with a glue gun.” So, I bought a pair of wool, knee length socks  with the red band at the top(I got them at a discount store, but just today I saw a pair at the dollar store), and some cream and red felt, and got to work!   First of all, to get started, in addition to the socks and felt, you will need some buttons for eyes, embroidery thread for stitching, a glue gun, old sweaters or fleece for the bottom of the slippers and the ears, and an old pair of flip flops. The flip flops can be exchanged for thick foam if you don’t have a pair you want to part with. The flip flops are for the bottoms of the slippers. You could probably leave them out if you wanted to, but they make these more like slippers and less like just a pair of socks. 🙂 To start, cut the straps off of your flip flops, and cut enough fabric from your sweater or fleece to fit over the bottom of the shoes.  Wrap the fabric around the soles of the shoes, and glue into place with hot glue.  Press down so that the glue is squished and doesn’t dry hard and lumpy and poke into your feet when you wear the slippers. Once the fabric is attached to the bottom of the slippers, glue the sock onto the top of the shoe. I also added a few stitches just to ensure that the fabrics would not separate from each other during use. Next, cut a watermelon shaped mouth out of the red fabric. Make sure to measure the width of your sock so it fits nicely on the top of the sock.  Cut a rectangle out of the cream colored fabric the width of the sock and just about an inch and a half wide. Use embroidery floss to stitch the mouth and nose and to attach them to the socks.  The nice thing about these are, that if your stitching isn’t perfect, it just adds to the charm. For the nostrils, wrap the thread around the end of your needle and then push the needle into the fabric, leaving the “ball” intact.  Glue the “eyes” on or sew them on if you prefer. I like to take shortcuts when possible. Cut lightbulb shaped ears out of gray fleece, sweater, or felt.  Attach them to side with glue or sewing. To add traction to the bottom of your slippers, use your glue gun to put dots on the bottom. Mine still look a little “hairy” but at least it’s on the bottom.;)And, that’s IT! This really only takes an hour or so! This is great for a last minute Christmas gift or just for yourself! Oh yeah-and lastly, wear them loud and proud!