Rugs to Riches

When we went to look for area rugs for our girls bedroom after we laid down some laminate, we couldn’t find much within our budget, let alone one that seemed to fit in with the decor of their room. When we were first decorating their room fours years ago, I had painted simple little birds and flowers on their wall. I had made these with just circles, a straight edge, and the eraser end of a pencil for the polka dots. So I thought, why not make a rug to match?I found this one online at Target for $200.  It was my inspiration. We found this rug at Lowe’s for $18. Holla!

I started out using plates I had that were three different sizes and traced them in a line with a permanent marker. I measured the line from about a foot from the edge of the carpet for my “stem”. I repeated the process until I got to the other side of the rug.I realized a little belatedly that I didn’t take any pictures of me actually painting the flowers, but it’s a pretty simple process. I used a combination of latex and acrylic paints. In the beginning of this journey, I had planned on the flowers being vibrant, solid pinks, blues, and yellows, but because the carpet was so absorbent, it took more paint than I had originally anticipated.  When I began painting, it almost had a washed out look. In the end, however, I was please with the result because it had a blackboard/vintage wash kind of feel to it. An added bonus to only using a thin layer of paint is that it dried quicker. When I had two little girls, the dog, and even occasionally the hubby walking in on my project, this was a very good thing! I only spent a few hours and less than twenty bucks on this project in total.