Pottery with a Purpose


For about two years now we have been sponsored a child from Haiti (Ermione)  through World Vision and the girls have loved praying for her and sending her specials cards and pictures.  When we were searching for a child to sponsor, we chose Ermione because she is from Haiti which is still reeling from the earthquakes which ravaged their land a few years ago. Also, her birthday is just one day prior to Nora’s, so they feel a special bond to her because she is so close in age to them.  As the girls have gotten older, my husband and I have been wracking our brains in how to teach the girls gratitude for all that God has provided for us and for caring for others beyond themselves; hence this little project. It’s experimental, to be honest, but we wanted to involve the girls more in sponsoring a child of their own, earning the money themselves (well, with our help of course) to care for another child overseas. Rather than spend time telling you about it myself, I thought I would let my guest bloggers speak for themselves. 🙂



“My name is Evie and I am five, almost six. I like to play with my Mommy sometimes and I love Mommy. I like to play games, eat popcorn and watch a movie. My favorite movie is Tinkerbell and I have a necklace and I make pretend food for everyone.

Today we painted plates. What colors were on the plates were brown, pink, purple, black and let’s see….think, think, think, think, think, think, think….We did the plates for us to keep and to tell everybody in our country about Jesus…um…I meant about to make money for other kids like Ermione and other kids so the Moms and Dads and kids could buy food in a poor, poor, poor, poor place. I was on the plates. I showed what face I wanted to do and color things in.”



“My name is Nora and my favorite thing to do is play outside and I like to eat macaroni and cheese and have some color in my macaroni and cheese. I like to go to the candy store and especially is go to camp and get popsicles there too; eat there, spend time there, too. Go in the pool and play in the playground.

We colored the plates and that was really nice and we did pictures on the plates and smiled. We did the plates to spend money to eat because it’s for them to have…um…for Ermione. It’s cost some to buy food and it’s for them to help buy food because they don’t have much food. It’s for them to learn about Jesus and to help them go to school to learn about Jesus. Ermione has the same skin as me and her birthday is the day before mine. She’s the same age as me and Evie which is five….the same thing as us. Some day we would like to play with her sometimes. “

I am going to be offering personalized plates like these and other hand-painted pottery by me and the girls in my Etsy shop and other pottery (like these mugs) and all proceeds will go to our sponsored child. Who knows? We are hoping to be able to earn enough to sponsor more than one a month!

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Personalized Mugs for Kids and Adults

For some reason, I really love mugs of all shapes and sizes.  I feel like I have a tea cup or sturdy mug suitable for whatever mood strikes me at the moment. A dainty tea cup for sipping some Darjeeling while swooning over Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.  A nice blue striped one on melancholy days to remember the sweet friend who gave it to me.  A brown and cream polka-dotted one scrounged up at a flea market circa 1955 when I feel like baking. And, of course on a day for remembering, there is the one adorned with the face of “Morris” the loveable feline who once was the face of a cat food commercial, the same mug my grandmother used to have.  I love mugs, because I know whatever is in them is something that will bring me comfort.  Hot tea, a cup of joe, hot chocolate, or steamy soup all have a therapeutic way of warming up the soul.   So, this Christmas, I set about making several personal mugs for people on our list. I know some people feel like mugs are mere clutter for your cupboard, but I say you can never have too many!

So, here are a few of the ones I came up with. The first are monogrammed mugs that I made with ceramic paints found at any craft supply store. **A tip I love sharing is that when selecting colors, I usually stick with primary colors (red, yellow, blue, white, and black) because any color of the rainbow can be made from these colors, so if you are like me and a little cheap, it helps save money!  I used stencils I had on hand, handy for many personalized gifts, and taped them onto mugs I found for a song in pretty colors.I painted the letters in a solid color, then decorated each cup with a unique and delicate design. **Another tip when painting is to try not to paint too much over the edge of your stencil. I made this mistake, and part of my design started to come off with it when I went to remove it.  Remove stencil, allow it to dry and follow instructions on bottle for setting the paint.For those of you who have kiddos, we made some personal mugs that are great for gifts for grandparents, teachers, etc.  We started out using a permanent marker , with lots of newspaper under the mug so that none of it was transferred to our worktable (aka the kitchen table in our case) and I had the kids draw a design on the mug.  This was for our next door neighbor, so my daughter drew his face on it. I was so proud! She also wrote his name on it, with a little help ;).After she was done, I went over her picture with ceramic paints .   She helped me pick out the colors, of course.  Again, allow it to dry, then follow the instructions on the back of the bottle to set the paints so they are permanent.