Pumpkin Pie Latte


Happy fall, Y’all!

Don’t you just adore the falling leaves crunching underfoot, the crisp air stirring up rich aromas of freshly carved pumpkins and smoky chimneys? There is something supremely poetic and romantic about the Fall. It’s a time for snuggling under warm, thick blankets and reading a good book on a rainy day or swinging on the front porch with hot apple cider on a warm, sunny afternoon listening to children giggling as they stomp home from school. AAAAAAH! It’s the epitome of coziness!

The Fall is the perfect time for hot drinks! So I came up with this really simple, yet divinely delicious recipe to enjoy on this fine Autumn morning while I read my Bible with two faithful pups curled at my feet.

Confession time: I’m not a huge fan of coffee or pumpkin pie! But, together, they make a heavenly combination. Confession #2: This is also a throw together recipe. I rarely follow any recipes to a T because I like to “create” with whimsy rather than follow recipes that squash the creative juices. That’s how I roll. So, bear with me. I will tell you what I put in this and give you an idea of how much I added of each ingredient, but I’m leaving it up to you to really make your own concoction to entice your own taste buds. So, here goes:

-Freshly brewed coffee (I filled my mug up about half full)

-canned pumpkin (I added about a tablespoon)

-Sweetened Condensed Milk (for me a teaspoon)

-Milk (I used skim and filled the rest of my mug with it)

-Cinnamon (just a dash in the coffee and some sprinkled on top of….)

-Whipped cream (optional but highly recommended. You taste buds, if not your waist, will thank you)

Mix all together, with whipped cream on top, and relish with pleasure while reading a gripping novel, taking a lovely stroll down a leaf strewn lane, snuggling with a companion, or enjoying the glory of God’s creation.



It happens every year: the days get shorter, there is a little chill in the air, the shadows get longer and I lament the ending of summer; long daylight hours, fireflies, picnics….then, I begin to relish the Fall. I wish that Fall were a little longer, and winter much, much shorter. Fall is the most beautiful, cozy season, perfect for crunching your way through freshly fallen leaves, sipping on cider swinging on the porch swing, traipsing through a festival sampling treats and breathing in sweetly scented air. I couldn’t wait any longer. I got out my Fall decorations and adorned my mantle yesterday with pumpkins, candles, yellow flowers and paper bunting made from scrapbook paper, string and my trusty hot glue gun.  When we bought our house just a few months ago this mantle and fireplace were something we fell in love with on the spot. With it’s antique green and tan tile, it’s built-in mirror, and it’s intricate pillars,  I just couldn’t wait to show it off.