It happens every year: the days get shorter, there is a little chill in the air, the shadows get longer and I lament the ending of summer; long daylight hours, fireflies, picnics….then, I begin to relish the Fall. I wish that Fall were a little longer, and winter much, much shorter. Fall is the most beautiful, cozy season, perfect for crunching your way through freshly fallen leaves, sipping on cider swinging on the porch swing, traipsing through a festival sampling treats and breathing in sweetly scented air. I couldn’t wait any longer. I got out my Fall decorations and adorned my mantle yesterday with pumpkins, candles, yellow flowers and paper bunting made from scrapbook paper, string and my trusty hot glue gun.  When we bought our house just a few months ago this mantle and fireplace were something we fell in love with on the spot. With it’s antique green and tan tile, it’s built-in mirror, and it’s intricate pillars,  I just couldn’t wait to show it off.