DIY Felt Envelopes


“Come on. Let’s practice,” I said to Ev one night as I was tucking her into bed.  Every night I go in to check on the girls before I turn in for the night and whisper that I loved them in their ears.  Evie always complains that she wishes she would wake up for this nighttime ritual. “Yell in my ear, Okay, Mom? Yell ‘Wake up!! I love you!!’ so I know that you are there.” So I told her we would practice as I pretended to sneak up on her while she pretended to sleep. I leaned over and whispered a “yell” in her ear that I loved her.  She giggled and then grabbed me around the neck before imploring, “Mom, when you come in can you leave me a note under my pillow?”

This was just a couple of weeks ago and since I have slipped notes under pillows while sugar plums danced in their heads.  But then I remembered this idea. I will admit it isn’t original to me. I have seen the idea of making children’s mailboxes or large envelopes for tucking sweet notes such as these to children eager to receive them.  It’s a small way I can connect with the girls and give them reminders when needed that they are loved. I have found these notes tucked away in their book bags they have taken with them to school.

Anyway, I didn’t follow a pattern because I figured the concept was pretty simple (at least the one in my head) and hopefully you can make sense of it, too! It only took ten minutes to make both of them and to make two only cost one dollar. Cha-ching!

First, I started with two sheets of felt (about 25cents each at Walmart) and I liked the idea of contrasting colors, so I chose two shades of pink.



First, I started with a sheet and folded it about 3/4 of the way up against itself and sewed along the side edges as indicated here. I also sewed along the bottom just to have a neater bottom edge but it isn’t necessary:


I then folded my other sheet of felt in half long ways and cut a curvy triangle (with two short flat sides as well, so I guess not entirely a triangle) for the enclosure. I then sewed that along the top of my envelope.I also chose to sew a little lace edging on for some girly detail, but again, not necessary at all.


I also cut hearts out of the scrap for a “seal”. I told the girls if the seal was on their envelope, then they would know they had mail. Otherwise, I would keep it tucked into their envelope.

I completed this little project by gluing Velcro on the back of the hearts with tacky glue. I used the rougher edged Velcro because it sticks right to the felt without needing to sew it’s counterpart on.


That’s pretty much it! Pretty simple, meaningful and definitely cheap! My kind of project!



I just stuck them to the girls’ door with thumb tacks just under the flap.


And who doesn’t love mail, right?



Diy Doily Wall


I have seen and searched all over Pinterest for tutorials on how to do your own doily wall.I love the crisp, delicate, vintage look of these walls; super chic, charming and lovely. But, when researched further, I found that the stencils for these are $30+, then with paint (a layer of white, then color of choice over top) a project like this can set you back $75+and hours of tedious labor. There are few things in this life I dread more than spending more money than necessary and painting walls! So, disappointed, I concluded this project wasn’t for me. There had to be a better way!

I’m happy to say this cost me $3 total and an hour’s worth of labor!!! 

 Supply list:

Doilies (I found two sizes-larger ones at the dollar tree with 32 in a package and smaller ones at Joann fabrics for $2.50 half off, 20/package)

Bottle of white glue


Foam brush

I mixed a little water with the file to make a decoupage paste. This isn’t an exact science. In fact it’s pretty forgiving. Add enough water so that it’s a thick liquid. Paint the paste onto the back of the doily and stick it to the wall. Paint another layer on top once it’s adhered to the wall. That’s pretty much it!I didn’t use any particular placement design. I just put them where I thought they would look best.

Let me know what you think!

IMG_20150110_110207 IMG_20150110_105844IMG_20150109_150930846_HDR IMG_20150110_110001



It happens every year: the days get shorter, there is a little chill in the air, the shadows get longer and I lament the ending of summer; long daylight hours, fireflies, picnics….then, I begin to relish the Fall. I wish that Fall were a little longer, and winter much, much shorter. Fall is the most beautiful, cozy season, perfect for crunching your way through freshly fallen leaves, sipping on cider swinging on the porch swing, traipsing through a festival sampling treats and breathing in sweetly scented air. I couldn’t wait any longer. I got out my Fall decorations and adorned my mantle yesterday with pumpkins, candles, yellow flowers and paper bunting made from scrapbook paper, string and my trusty hot glue gun.  When we bought our house just a few months ago this mantle and fireplace were something we fell in love with on the spot. With it’s antique green and tan tile, it’s built-in mirror, and it’s intricate pillars,  I just couldn’t wait to show it off.