24 Days of Christmas Crafts: Day eleven (sort of)


Soooooooo…..this is me. A  little cross-eyed and crazy with Christmas preps. I am a little embarrassed to even be writing this post because my promise of 24 days of Christmas was paved with good intentions! But, simply put, I’m pooped! Christmas is only two weeks away and my list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter. Though I HAVE been busily preparing and crafting to get things ready for Christmas (making a superman quilt, a queen size quilt, teacher gifts, garland, a bunny and a kitty hat, two princess dolls, two ballerina shirts, a painted plate, two books, two screen printed tees, shrinky dink dog name things {see? this is how tired I am}, a wreath, two VERY ugly Christmas sweaters….you get the idea), I have neglected to take pictures and haven’t had time to blog about them. This is me being incredibly lazy because I am tired! I have also been trying to potty train a puppy at the same time (an early Christmas present for me from my amazingly sweet husband), but it’s honestly like having a toddler in the house. Sooooooo….rather than make any more excuses or promises (though I do hope to be able to post some of my crafts soon as well as yummy recipes) I am offering a peace….um…..offering. Here is a free Christmas printable. Maybe you can use it to make some Christmas crafts of your own!


(Just right click on image to save and download)



24 Days of Christmas: Day Four- Vintage Christmas CD


I usually try to make myself wait until Thanksgiving Day to start listening to Christmas music. It takes a lot of self-control, which apparently I don’t have because by the second week of November I had made this Christmas CD and have listened to it almost every day since.  Since I love all things vintage as well, I like to call this my “Vintage Christmas List”.

I started by searching for songs by my favorite members of the Rat Pack and also honorary modern-day members like Norah Jones and Micheal Buble. I looked for songs by Burls Ives and Doris Day. I grew up listening to Bing Crosby every Christmas, so he is my absolute favorite when it comes to Christmas songs.

I found them, downloaded them, and burned them to a CD. Pretty complex, right? But I wanted to share my list with you. Oh yeah, I also added “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas”, another classic I loved growing up, which my kids love now, too! Every time we get in the van, they request it.



Day two: Paper Star Garland


Okay-I’m going to admit, this is a total cheat!! I searched Pinterest, my BFF, for ideas for tutorials on how to do paper stars when I was decorating for my girls’ birthday party, princess themed (of course). I found this super simple, but very stunning tutorial and I am just going to bump you over there because she did a great job at explaining how to do this. It only took me a few minutes to put together one star, and I thought they were so pretty, I made a bunch of little ornaments out of them. A little FIY, you can make eight out of a single piece of scrapbook paper! I folded mine into fourths, then fourths again to make these. Anyway, once I made the stars, I used a large needle to thread string through it, and basically just sewed my stars together. I put the needle through the top of one side of each star and out the other. Again, as far as measurements for my string, I just made it as long as I wanted it to fit the width of our TV stand. Easy peasy! These also make great ornaments just to hang on your tree. I recently made a bunch of these to sell at a fundraiser and they sold like hot cakes! Hope you enjoy! 




Twenty Five Days of Christmas Crafts: Day One-Advent Calender


I L-O-V-E Christmas! It always seems to go so fast, though. I look forward to it months in advance. I start my Christmas shopping in May, and still, it comes and goes in a blink of an eye! I always try to prolong it as much as I can. I am the person who has to make a conscious effort not to play Christmas music by October. Yep. I am THAT person. So this year, I wanted to take the whole month of December to try to share with you some of my Christmas craftiness. I am also the kind of person who is super, duper cheap and like to make a lot of my presents. This month, for the next 25 days am going to be showing you things I made to decorate the house, my favorite Christmas recipes that also make superb presents, some gifts I am making, and also an awesome Christmas sweater I plan to wear for a festive Christmas party. Soooooooo…..stay tuned!

But for day one, I am going to show you a really simple advent calender I made. It is so super simple. As most great ideas are formed, I totally cheated and found similar ideas all over Pinterest. Just search “advent calenders” and a plethora of ideas of wonder will pop up on your screen. My favorite ones, though, were the ones that had ideas for things to do each day leading up to Christmas. This is my version of that.

First, I went to Walmart and found super cheap scrapbook paper. It was only $3 for a mini book. Score, right?! I found some that I thought would be nice and festive for my calender, purchased it and brought it home. I also bought a thin, green ribbon that was 48 cents that I thought would look nice for stringing. Now, this next part is incredibly scientific, so pay close attention. I found something round in my house, a candle holder, that I thought would be the right size for what I wanted. I cut out 24 circles (four from six different types of paper) and wrote the numbers 1-24 of the back of each, being sure to stagger them in a proper pattern.

Then, the fun part happened. I went to work putting on the back some traditions we have done in the past as a family along with some new ones. I got out our calender first to look at the dates to see what was feasible to do for those days depending on what we already had planned. Also, for each day, we will be reading a Chapter from Luke, beginning to end. It has exactly 24 chapters in it, and the Christmas story is so much more than just the birth of Christ.  Christ came to this earth, born in a stable to ultimately die 33 years later to save us from our sins. It starts with the manger, but ends with the resurrection of Christ. We wanted to make sure our children understood the full Christmas story. Anyway, here are a few ideas that we put down:

1.Decorate the tree (duh!)

2.Watch a Christmas movie with popcorn and hot chocolate

3.Drive around to see Christmas lights (I LOVE this idea about doing it like the Polar Express and putting tickets under their pillow. Such a cute and genius idea!!)

4.Make caramel corn

5.Write a letter and send a small gift to Ermionne, our sponsor child

6.Sing Christmas carols in front of the fire with hot chocolate

7.Make paper snowflakes and hang them in windows

8.Make cookies for the neighbors

9.Make a meal for a needy family

10.Go shopping for Daddy

I think I tripled or even quadrupled #2. 🙂

After I had written all of those out, I punched holes in the top, then strung them on my ribbon, being sure they were in numeric order. After I would put one on, I would tie a knot about it so that it wouldn’t slip. I also want to add that I made the ribbon as long as my banister is since this was where I planned to hang it when it was all done.


And that is it! Once they were all on, the girls helped me hang it on the banister. Pretty simple, huh? I thought it was pretty, too.


I would LOVE to hear any traditions you might have! Maybe next year I can add them to my calender, or who knows? Maybe sneak ’em in this year.