Easy Art Project


So I might as well come clean: I’m horribly disorganized. I teach Art at our small Christian school and every time I have class I’m scrambling for a new and brilliant project based on time of year, time to complete project, and who is in each class. When you are a bit scattered brained like yours truly, it can be a challenge coming up with something new and excited, doable and not horribly messy.

Today as I ran around trying to get my head and projects together, I threw open my cupboard doors and let my eyes roam over the array of mismatched supplies. Then I started digging, pulling items off the shelves and throwing them in baskets for each table. I proudly stood back and admired what I had gathered.

Don’t you love collage day? I think collages started with harebrained artists such as myself with a deadline and no idea what in the world they were going to create.

So I started this project with a blank faces and neck that I drew onto a white piece of paper, then ran off copies of it. I then gave each of my students the baskets of supplies which included scraps of tissue paper, googly eyes, stickers and things like that. I gave them a bottle of glue and told them to create me a masterpiece out of the supplies and they delivered. I was so proud of my budding artists. As an Art teacher, it’s easy for me to want to keep a very chaotic environment into some kind of order by giving them strict instructions on what I think their project should look like. With projects like this, when I give them free reign to be silly or creative or even a little crazy, I see the creative juices flow, even in ones who may struggle with art .

They used tissue paper for earrings and dog collars and mustaches. They used stickers for eyebrows and mouths and hairbows. They made clowns and moms and dogs. I even had a student who made a soldier complete with a medal of honor.

This is also a project that I plan to repeat over the summer on those “I’m bored” days. It was so easy and the kids had fun.

Aren’t they so cute?





I must shamelessly admit I’m partial to the last one because it’s a portrait of me done by Nora. One proud teacher and one proud mama.