Book Giveaway Winner Announced


Last week I was completely overwhelmed by the response I got to this book via this blog and Facebook. I am so incredibly humbled by it. When I wrote this book, it was truly for my daughter alone, but have found that this is a subject that resounds with so many adoptive parents and their children.

Let me say, you didn’t make this easy on me AT ALL!! I read the responses and wanted to give a copy to everyone who requested one. Sadly, especially this being so close to Christmas, I can’t do that!

Originally I promised to give away only one copy, but have decided on two. These two moms’ stories just broke my heart. As moms, adoptive or not, we can’t bear to see our kids hurting and if this in some small way could offer hope and security to these little hearts I would be incredibly honored and humbled to be able to do that.

Sooooo, without further ado, the two I have chosen are Laurie Sciabica and Candice Wiers. You ladies can email me at rainflowersetsy@yahoo.com and we can make arrangements, and I will try to get them ordered and shipped out to you before Christmas.

For the rest of you, if you are still interested in a copy, please send me an email as well and I can set up a custom listing for you on my Etsy shop. The cost of each book, including shipping, is $25.

Thank you again so much to all who participated and supported me in this! It is so greatly appreciated!