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I’m the mom of two, precious little girls. They are spunky, they are cute, they are uniquely different. I try often to point out their unique qualities to them and celebrate the ways God made them different. I try to point out to Nora that God made her a leader, strong and determined and that I truly believe He has great things awaiting her someday. I tell Evie that if she can learn to use her combination of sweetness and stubbornness, it can be a powerful tool someday in influencing others. We try to point out to them how God, in His perfect design, brings families together in different ways. We celebrate adoption and how special it is and point them to Christ, and how in His love, God adopts us as His children.

Despite all of this, our oldest daughter seems especially aware that her skin is not “peach” like mine and her daddy’s. I will never forget one day last summer when she looked at me and said with excitement,” MOM!! Look!! I think my skin is getting peach from being in the sun!!” It broke my heart. Often times she has told me she longs for peach skin.  Though we try to allow her to interact and play with children of her ethnicity, in the area we live in, she is definitely a minority.

Out of our two children, she often gives us the most trouble. She seems determined at times to test us to see if we are going to prove to her that she does, in fact, belong in our little family. I see her struggle, and it makes me sad as her mom to witness it trouble her heart, especially at such a young age.

One day I was close to tears myself dealing with her antics and I sat down and wrote this story for her. It’s really simple, but I wanted to make the message to her very clear: she belongs in our family, right where God put her and she is dearly loved, no matter her background or color of her skin. I read her the story when it was done, tears streaming down my cheeks, hoping she would catch the significance of it’s message. She knows it’s her story; OUR story.

This Christmas, I really wanted to be able to give her a real book to hold and read. Now that she is in first grade, she reads very well and I wanted her to be able to read the words for herself. So after the story was written, I drew pictures to go along with the story and put it into a book for her.

My post on adoption etiquette (that I honestly just wrote one day to get out some frustration) got much more attention than I expected it to, being shared almost 500 times on Facebook by people I don’t know. That told me that this issue is important and hits home with a lot of families that might be struggling like ours does sometimes. So, I wanted to be able to offer you a copy of this book.

It’s about a little brown bunny named Bonnie who feels like she doesn’t fit in with her family of all white bunnies. Her mama tells her a tale of a sad Mama who waited so long for her special bunny. It resolves itself in the end with the Mama bunny thanking God for adopting her as well as His child. Here is a preview. If you are interested in a free copy, you can comment below. I will try to choose a winner next week so it can be sent out before Christmas. If you are interested in ordering a copy, please let me know that as well. I would love to share this with you! For each book it would be $25 (which includes shipping fees). I’m so nervous no one will be interested at all, but here it is anyway!

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These are obviously not all of the pages, and not necessarily in the right order, just a sampling.

*This is a friendly reminder that I do own all rights to the story and pictures and none of them may be copied or reproduced without my consent. Thanks! 🙂

UPDATE: In case you missed it, this contest is over and I chose a winner, though it was a very tough decision to make! You can see the winners and information for ordering by clicking here. Thank you all so much for your support and for those who entered!

16 thoughts on “Picture Book Giveaway

  1. I love your adoption book. Illustrations are beautiful. We have a lovely brown daughter also, and we would love to share your story with her!

  2. Extraordinary! My name is Bonny and I have two brown adopted daughters, Jessie who is 7 and Holly who is 5 turning 6 on 30 December. We live in Cape Town, South Africa. When I read your description of your daughters, they could be mine. What a wonderfully positive way you have about you. We would love to meet you and your girls, but distance makes that impossible. I love the way you bring God into the adoption story, we are all indeed adopted into His family, and your illustrations are just delightful. Wishing you great success with your book. God bless. Bonny Vat

    • So neat, Bonny! Both of my girls are seven as well! I would love to meet you, too. It’s so nice to be able to meet other adoptive moms who can relate. Thank you so much for your kind words of much needed encouragement!

  3. We would love a copy of your book! We have 3 little brown bunnies from Ethiopia ages 6, 7 and 8, and I know they would love it!

  4. What a timely post! My youngest daughter struggles with the same thing! She says she pretends she is white . ‘( She is so beautiful but feels she is ugly. I am so heart broken about this and have praying and trying to come up with a way to help her to decide that she is beautiful just as she is. She loves books and would love yours. We would love a copy of your book and would be happy to buy a copy. Thank you for sharing your struggles as it helps to know how others deal with similar challenges.

    • Oh Laurie! I relate to you entirely! I’m so sorry for the struggles you are having with your daughter. It breaks my heart, too, to see my own daughter struggle in this way. I am so humbled that my book could help other families as well!!

  5. Love the story and it is beautifully illustrated! I would love to add more adoption books to our collection. Our son has also struggled with the color of his skin. It breaks my heart.

  6. I would love a copy of this! We are a family put together by adoption. My husband and I are white, and our son is black. We love stories that talk about the beauty of how our family is put together.

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