Poolside Purity & Bikini Battles

Just the other day I listened to my friends have the bikini debate. Truthfully sometimes I dread going to the beach because I know it will be infested with bikini clad beauties who will snag my husband’s attention and make me feel less than in my modest one piece. As a mom of two little girls who at six already want to fit in with their friends and wear what they call a”split” bathing suit (aka bikini) it’s so difficult to teach them modesty in an ever increasingly immodest society. I want to be clear that I don’t want to be legalistic about this and don’t mind tankinis and don’t want to sound like I am condemning anyone who wears a bikini.I just want to address this issue of a sex crazed society. That is why I choose to share this article because it challenges why we feel the need to contribute to this issue and not be a refreshing contrast to it in the way we choose to dress ourselves. (Watch the video attached because it is very enlightening).This is an unavoidable issue in today’s culture of size zero, scantily clad, come hither models. It’s in your face all the time. I recently watched my girls try to pose with pouty lips, narrowed eyes and hand on hips for a picture as if they were posing for a Victoria’s secret catalog mimicking a picture they saw on the magazine rack in passing at Walmart. This article challenged me and gave me hope in raising my girls to see them as God created them: in His image to be used for His glory and defined as beautiful by His standards and not the world’s. Even as their mom I catch myself defining beauty as the world does, trying to keep up with unattainable and shallow standards. Man looks at outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart. I needed that reminder!

That Preacher Guy

Here we go again. It’s summer time, which means at any given time, in any number of churches nationwide, pastors, youth pastors and leaders are giving their kids (read: their female students) the “one-piece” talk.

A few years back at our church, some students actually petitioned our pastor to include Tankinis. It was a big win for preteens everywhere. I imagine they sat by the pool that summer in their tankinis and drank virgin daiquiris to celebrate.

We have all been there for that dreaded talk. It’s painful for everyone involved and it smacks of legalism. As one student recently said to me, “It just feels like another instance of the old people at church telling people to behave because you’re at church.” It’s absurd, I know. In case you are unfamiliar with the one-piece talk, it goes something like this:

Ok, ladies, it’s summertime, and we’re going to have a…

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