DIY Shirt Dress


Recently we had missionaries to Zambia come to our church, John and Janine Chilufya, and tell us about the work they do there with orphaned children. Where they live, in a very poor region, girls uneducated often find themselves forced into marriage with children by age twelve or thirteen. For just $25/year these girls can have a proper education and a brighter future. So, we made up these fliers for the church and offered our congregation a challenge.


So many people pride themselves on dressing their very best, in new dresses or outfits to church. Though there is nothing wrong with that, we challenged people to consider wearing something that was already in their closet and saving their money to donate toward this very worthy cause. 

And I cheated. I totally cheated. 

I was at Walmart and I saw these women’s shirts on sale for $1 and said, “Hmm…..” and bought two of them, one for each of my girls. We did opt this year not to buy them Easter baskets and are trying to veer away from the message of the Easter bunny and more towards the message of the cross (though, again, we have nothing against Easter baskets or the Bunny! It was just a personal choice for us). Before you think we are the Scrooges of Easter, our girls had a party at school and church and have grandparents, so I don’t think they will go without! 

Anyway, I’m digressing! When I saw these shirts at a steal, I decided they would make super cute t-shirt dresses, so I snatched ’em up. 

Confession: I am TERRIBLE with a capital T at making clothes. Every attempt I have made has been a colossal failure, so excuse me for how primitive and easy this dress is. It seriously took me all of 30 minutes to make it and it really only took that much time because I was trying to figure out how to keep my model from wiggling when I was “altering” the shirt to fit her.  

So, here it goes. 


First, I put the shirt on my girls and started pinning and tucking away, making pleats in the neck for a slightly ruffled look and putting a seam in the sleeve so that it puffed out.



Okay-seriously, that is it! I don’t have a finished picture yet because I was planning to add a flower or belt to it and haven’t gotten to that part yet. But, what I do have done is super cute! Even if I don’t embellish it, I’m thinking with leggings and some boots, she will be adorable. 

If you are interested in any  more information about the Chilufya’s and or are interested in donating to this cause, just comment below and I will be happy to send you more information. 

Happy Good Friday!