24 Days of Christmas Crafts: Day eleven (sort of)


Soooooooo…..this is me. A  little cross-eyed and crazy with Christmas preps. I am a little embarrassed to even be writing this post because my promise of 24 days of Christmas was paved with good intentions! But, simply put, I’m pooped! Christmas is only two weeks away and my list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter. Though I HAVE been busily preparing and crafting to get things ready for Christmas (making a superman quilt, a queen size quilt, teacher gifts, garland, a bunny and a kitty hat, two princess dolls, two ballerina shirts, a painted plate, two books, two screen printed tees, shrinky dink dog name things {see? this is how tired I am}, a wreath, two VERY ugly Christmas sweaters….you get the idea), I have neglected to take pictures and haven’t had time to blog about them. This is me being incredibly lazy because I am tired! I have also been trying to potty train a puppy at the same time (an early Christmas present for me from my amazingly sweet husband), but it’s honestly like having a toddler in the house. Sooooooo….rather than make any more excuses or promises (though I do hope to be able to post some of my crafts soon as well as yummy recipes) I am offering a peace….um…..offering. Here is a free Christmas printable. Maybe you can use it to make some Christmas crafts of your own!


(Just right click on image to save and download)


3 thoughts on “24 Days of Christmas Crafts: Day eleven (sort of)

  1. Training a puppy at Christmas time isn’t the grand gift it appears to be. 🙂 They are so much work and in the winter months, it’s so hard to get them outdoors. Since I’m late here, hope all went well. I miss a dog and know how much they can add to your life.

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