Day two: Paper Star Garland


Okay-I’m going to admit, this is a total cheat!! I searched Pinterest, my BFF, for ideas for tutorials on how to do paper stars when I was decorating for my girls’ birthday party, princess themed (of course). I found this super simple, but very stunning tutorial and I am just going to bump you over there because she did a great job at explaining how to do this. It only took me a few minutes to put together one star, and I thought they were so pretty, I made a bunch of little ornaments out of them. A little FIY, you can make eight out of a single piece of scrapbook paper! I folded mine into fourths, then fourths again to make these. Anyway, once I made the stars, I used a large needle to thread string through it, and basically just sewed my stars together. I put the needle through the top of one side of each star and out the other. Again, as far as measurements for my string, I just made it as long as I wanted it to fit the width of our TV stand. Easy peasy! These also make great ornaments just to hang on your tree. I recently made a bunch of these to sell at a fundraiser and they sold like hot cakes! Hope you enjoy! 



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