Christmas Card Giveaway!

savior is born sample I am so excited to share this with you all! Today I decided I would like to try to make Christmas cards. I know, I know, it’s only October! But I have had Christmas on the brain! Usually by this time of year I have most of my presents bought or made. So really, by my own standards, I am way behind!! Anyway, I wanted to offer you all the chance to win free customized Christmas cards for your family! As with all of my items, these will be printables and I will email you a JPG or PDF file so you can print them yourself from your home computer or wherever! Anyway, all you have to do is either comment on this blog right down below or on my facebook page and tell me why you want them! Easy peasy, right?  If you are chosen, I will put whatever picture and message you want on it to make it all your own!

These are the two designs I came up with today, but I will be posting more so so you will have more to choose from. Can’t wait to hear from you!!ImageImage

christ is christmas

8 thoughts on “Christmas Card Giveaway!

  1. wow – how cool is this! I used to make all my cards, but then hubby said he’d rather I’d OCD on sewing, since that (in his mind) was more productive. So I gave ALL my crafting supplies to my friend. Your cards look lovely, and the type I’d send for sure!

  2. Cute Courtney and what a great idea. How would one print these out? And in what size? I was looking on Shutterfly the other day for Christmas cards but they are expensive considering Christmas is the time when every relative and friend gets a card. Add the cost of postage, yikes. Ideally I would love a template or something that could be filled in and then taken to the local store or ordered online as a regular 5×6 print, but with all the cute greetings. I need one with a lot of picture slots too! Good luck with your new project. You are very talented to have come up with this idea.

    • Thanks for the sweet compliments! You could print these out any way you wanted. You could print them from your home computer on photo paper or take them somewhere to be printed. This is a JPG or PDF file so you can adapt it to whatever size you want it to be. This isn’t really a template. I’m just started this, so I’m not sure how to send you something like that. But if you sent me your info and pictures, I could put them in the card for you. Hope that helps! If you are still interested in entering, let me know!

      • Yes, I am interested in entering! Where should I send a picture to? And what info would you need.

      • You are automatically entered and if you are chosen I will get in contact with you and you can send me the picture and info then 🙂 Info is what name you would want on it and personal information at the bottom along with which design you like best.

      • Not personal information. I didn’t mean that! I meant to say personal message. That’s what you get for doing these things late at night 🙂

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