Free Patriotic Quilt Pattern



About two years ago I posted on my Facebook page that I would be offering the pattern to this quilt on my Etsy shop.  Once I sat down and tried to make a real pattern for this chicken scratch pattern I was working with:



I decided not to bother. Yesterday, I totally got caught!!! Someone saw the quilt on my Facebook page with the long forgotten promise of a pattern and asked for proof of it’s existence. Oops! I never want to shirk on a promise, so here is what I came up with. It is rough to say the least. A math whiz I am not, so I honestly have to admit that I haven’t figured out exactly how much fabric you will need. When I made this quilt for a client, I was working mostly with scraps she had sent me and with odds and ends of fabric I had or picked up.  


Quilt measures 90″x90″ (queen size)

All cuts are 3″ strips

Red and blue strips:


16-7.5″, 11.5″, and 15.5″


White strips:

24-8.5″ and 12.5″



16-6.5″ and 2.5″


Here is a very rough pattern. When I made this up, I didn’t leave room for the extra row of strips, so just be sure to add one extra group on the end (as you can see in my original sketch). I repeated this pattern so I had three complete sets of blue and red, and two halves on the ends. 


I really hope this all makes sense!! I was in a rush today, so I may try to make it a little clearer later. Please leave comments if you don’t understand my mad thoughts!