Princess Cake


This is Nora. Isn’t she cute? I took this picture when she was five. That was yesterday. Today she is six and my heart is broken!!! How in the world did this happen?! From five to six, just like that. Anyway, thankfully she is not too old yet that she requested a princess cake for her birthday. We scrounged Pinterest together, oohing and aahing over all of the princess cakes. I need to add that last year, my other daughter, Evie, also requested a princess cake for her birthday and I will show you the horrifying pictures of that later (if you are faint of heart, I suggest you turn back now or skip that part).  It was a complete and utter disaster. I naively thought, “Ah, what is there to it but shoving a Barbie in a cake.” As you will see in the pictures, it shows. Anyway, this year I did some massive research to try to redeem myself. First off, I made fondant for the cake using this surprisingly easy method I found on Pinterest.  It really only took me about ten minutes to make. I made it purple and I wish I had taken the time to do more colors, but that is a moot point. Anyway, then I carefully used this method to make the cake (also found on Pinterest) and painstakingly took pictures of each step, until my defective camera card erased them all. I baked the cake first, though, in this large measuring cup because I thought it would be the perfect form for a bell skirt.


A little disclaimer thought, when using this method, it took (in the words of Squints) FOR-EV-ER, and the outside is dry while the inside was a little doughy. Live and learn, I guess. Still, this is what I had to work with and there was no going back. So, I started trimming off the edges of the cake (as seen in the cornerhouse blog) and used chocolate frosting as my mortar, so to speak, to paste the cake onto the bottom half of the doll’s body. This Tianna doll, FYI, I got at Walmart for only $5. I was pretty proud of that, and thought I would mention it. Anyway, I had pictures of this as well. Just imagine a doll plastered with crumby pieces of cake all of the bottom half of her body.  Then, I rolled out the fondant and went to work adding the bodice and sleeves.


Be sure that when you roll out your fondant you use powdered sugar to keep it from sticking to the cutting board.  Once I had the bodice and sleeves attached the way I wanted to, I rolled out one long, skinny piece for the skirt. I just wrapped it around and attached it to itself in the back, then cut off any excess from the bottom of it.


What I love about fondant is that it is like working with edible clay, so it’s easier, IMHO, to work with. After that was done, I used a clean, dry cloth to brush off what excess powder I could and went about embellishing it with edible pearls (only one dollar at Walmart) and some icing with a rosette tip.


This part was fun and fairly easy. Anyway, here is the finished product.


Now, I understand when you compare it to the ones in the other blog, she blows me out of the water. But, when you compare it to this catastrophe from last year:



… ain’t too bad.

2 thoughts on “Princess Cake

  1. Wow, the cake looks great Courtney! You’re little one is just darling. Love the sweet flowered headband too! Did you make that?

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