Last Minute Father’s Day


Is it sad that I’m a little excited/proud to share this post with you? I don’t know about you, but every time Christmas, our anniversary, my husband’s birthday, or Father’s Day rolls around I am wracking my already tired brain for something special/meaningful/cheap/easy/DIY I can give to my hubby. This year, I had the “brilliant” idea to try to make Father’s Day a one week event. I have done little things like got him Airheads, one of his favorite candies, and left it in the car with a note attached that said, “Thanks for putting up with an airhead like me.” I left a package of much needed undershirts for him on the bed to find when he changed after work with a note that said, “thanks for working so hard to keep the shirts on our backs.” Cheesey, I know. But cheesey is good, right? Anyway, I also wanted to make some things for him from the kids. That is when this idea struck me and I am bursting to share it with you. It cost me all of $2 and a half hour to make (and it only took that much time because the girls were painstakingly considering which stickers to put on it). So, Sam and I have been talking for a long time about doing date nights with the girls and scheduling in date nights of our own, and much the same as I scramble for gift ideas, we often can’t think of things to do for our dates, hence this idea.

I started out buying a spiral bound package of index cards, the kind with the fun, neon colors. Image

You can do this, obviously with plain white ones, but I chose to use the ones with different colors to segregate the different sections for our family.

Green: this was designated for the family dates that would include all of us together.

Yellow: dates for just me and Sam

Orange: For Nora and Daddy

Pink: For Evie and Daddy

So the three of us, the girls and myself, went to work thinking up dates to add to our book. We all thought of things we could do together as a family, then I asked the girls separately if they could do anything with Daddy what they would want to do. We filled the whole book with ideas for each of us to do on our own with Sam as well as a whole section of ideas for things to do as a family.  It was pretty easy peasey! Then, the girls went about putting stickers on each page, because everything is much classier with stickers.ImageImage

Then to finish it off, I slapped on a cute piece of paper on the front and called it a day!


Here are a few of my favorite things from each section:


1.Go to the drive-in theater

2.Go to the pet store then get a soft pretzel at the mall

3.Visit someone who needs encouraged

4.Take a thankful walk or have a dance party if it’s raining.


1.Go antiquing and have lunch out

2.Sit on the porch after dark with a hot drink and talk about us

3.Visit a nearby city for the day or weekend.


1.Play tag at the park

2.Sing songs in the car

3.Go see some animals at one zany zoo

4.Go buy dress-up at the thrift shop (she is her mother’s daughter!)


1. Play Simon Says

2. Color together

3. Climb trees

4. Go and get coffee

I had so much fun listening to the kids’ ideas and can’t wait until we get to do them!

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