Cancer Quilts


I am going to do a shameless plug right now for my Etsy shop, but it is for a good cause. Most of the orders I get in my shop are for custom quilts. Because I spend so much time communicating back and forth with my clients to make their quilt exactly what they want, I have developed some very good relationships and true friendships with a number of my clients. In September, I met Tiffany who was ordering a quilt for her niece who was about to have a baby. During the course of our conversations back and forth, I learned that Tiff had spent the last 15 months in the hospital and was dying from cancer that had spread to every part of her body.  I want to take another message sometime to tell you more about Tiff because I have never met such a special, inspiring person in my entire life.

I specialize in signature quilts, mostly for wedding and baby showers in lieu of a guestbook, but around Thanksgiving I sent Tiff a cancer quilt to snuggle up with during chemo treatments and for people to sign to encourage her as she battles cancer.  I have heard that they call her “Linus” because she takes it with her everywhere and is very protective of it, making sure it never gets dirty. That makes me smile. She is so special that every inch of it is covered with signatures, Bible verses and words of encouragement to remind her of how loved she is. Since then, her health has declined considerably and at this point the doctors are trying to keep her as comfortable as possible.

In my life, I have seen so many people battle cancer and have lost loved ones to it myself.  When I was nine, I lost my grandfather to cancer.  He was only 59 and my hero, and twenty-three years later, I miss him so. Also, a little over three years ago, I lost my mother-in-law, Ruth, to cancer at the age of 56. She was an amazing woman as well and spent the last two years of her life using her illness as a huge ministry to lead others to Christ.  She truly knew what it meant, “to live is Christ and to die is gain.” In the last few months of her life she talked so much about heaven and couldn’t wait to meet her Savior face to face.

I have started offering cancer quilts in my shop because this is such a special thing to me. If you cannot afford the price I have listed, I am more than happy to work with what you feel you can afford. I am also willing to do donations. Also, I portion of what I make from these quilts will go to a cancer research center that is based where I just moved from in Erie, PA.

Cancer has touched so many of our lives that I really want to be able to encourage those who are going through this to help support them and their families as they face such a difficult time.



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