Drab to Fab: A Desk Make Over


This is Desk. She is from Pennsylvania and she loves sitting in the corner, holding pictures and acting as a drop-off center from time to time of loose change and keys.  In her spare time she acts as a buffet for dinner parties. She is here with us today because she needs a make-over.  She is ready to shed her dull lackluster brown facade and step into something a little more bold and lively. Let’s welcome her, shall we….?


I love nothing more than a good makeover story. When we bought this house two months ago, I fell head-over-heels for the character it oozed from every nook and cranny. It is an old Victorian home, a restoration itself, and the people who set about restoring her to her original glory really kept true to her Victorian roots. All of the dark, mahogany woodwork has been kept untouched and the dark wood floors are spread throughout our main floor. I adore it! The only setback is, with so much dark wood things can look a little drab.  After spending months trying to paint our other home in preparation to sell it, the last thing I wanted to do was to pick up another roller and start on this one, as least not for a few months. In comes this desk. It is old and even missing a support section that connect the two legs, but I have always loved the character of this desk. She has served our family well over the years, but she has not aged well. She needed a face-lift. 

Like all of my other tutorials, this is cheap and easy. And, I got what I needed from The Dollar Tree. 


1.Pretty contact paper (they always have this pattern at the Dollar Tree, no matter what store I have gone to).

2.Latex paint

3.Medium sandpaper

4.Metallic spray paint

I started off by removing the hardware on the drawers and spraying them with silver metallic spray paint and set them aside to dry.  Then I cut the contact paper to fit the size of the drawer. This only took one roll of the paper to cover them all. A dollar! Score!


Then I painted it with the latex paint. It only took about two layers of paint. Since I love the “distressed” look, I went through the process of carefully rubbing off some of the paint on the corners and edges to age it a little bit.


And, there you have it! It took me only about and hour and a half, beginning to end. Not bad. Not bad at all. 


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