Cheap and Chic



I have four birthdays coming up in the next week for my family and friends. FOUR! I have been scrambling the last few weeks to try to come up with cheap, fun, and personal gifts for all of those on my list. So, of course I have been scrounging around on Pinterest, trying to find cute, easy gifts to make or buy. I found some cute things like DIY coasters and candle holders, but they lacked pizzazz! Then I saw these really pretty ribbon necklaces and as soon as I saw them I knew I could make them without a tutorial (yeah, I’m THAT good and I’m sure you probably are, too). These necklaces only cost me $3 and ten minutes to make. Yep! THREE DOLLARS and TEN MINUTES. And I found all of the supplies I needed at, where else, the Dollar Tree.


1.Spool of satin ribbon of your choice.

2.Silk Flower

3. Button (optional). The ones I used were ones I already had

4.Large plastic beads

5.Glue gun

Again, this is so simple, I’m sure anyone could figure out how to do this themselves, but humor me. First, I cut out my ribbon about as long as I wanted it to be to hang around my neck as well as some extra to be able to tie it in the back. I won’t give you a specific length because everyone will have their own preference regarding that. Then, I started stringing the beads on using a larger embroidery needle. This took a little patience and some elbow grease to string them on. I found it was easier to string if you just put the corner of the ribbon through the eye of the needle rather than the whole ribbon.

ImageI strung eleven on altogether. Then I took a silk flower and pulled off the stem and middle of it and hot glued a sparkly button onto the middle of it. Bam! Glam! Then I glued the flower onto the ribbon, pulling one bead to the side so it was. And, there you have it. It seriously took me all of ten minutes to make each one of these. One for my sister and one for my best friend.






4 thoughts on “Cheap and Chic

  1. I’d love to make these for a ladies retreat! But I’m having trouble find a compatible size bead. What approximate size would you say the beads are?

    • Hey Cara! These are about one inch wide. Sorry I’m terrible with dimensions! They are made by Greenbrier international from the Dollar Tree.I have since looked for them and haven’t been able to find them again.

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