DIY Wreath


I am so cheap. I really am. I am that person that goes to the Salvation Army on half-off Wednesdays and agonizes about whether I should buy that really cute sweater that is $3 (and that is before the discount is taken off). Yep-that’s me.  So when I go to those major craft stores and browse all of their delightfully cheery Springtime decor, dreaming about what it would look like in my home and see a $40 price tag for a door wreath-well, my cheap heart practically goes into cardiac arrest.  This is why I love the Dollar Tree. I have to say this: I believe it is a complete deception and misnomer is a store calls itself a “dollar store” when everything in it is not a dollar. It’s just not right. This is why I love the Dollar Tree. I spend much more time and money there than any human being should, but can you blame me? Did you hear me say “EVERYTHING IS A DOLLAR!”?!

So, I picked up a few things from there today to make this wreath for my front door which was looking so shamefully naked and immodest. I spent six dollars-YUP- SIX dollars and ten minutes on this wreath.

The Dollar Tree has a great selection of silk flowers that I think are pretty. I picked up an assortment of ones I liked and thought would look nice together, along with a bare craft wreath and a spool of tulle in their wedding section (yeah-they even have a wedding section!).


Then I went to work cutting the flowers from their stems to a more manageable length to work with (about 4 inches) with my trusty pair of wire cutters.


I then glued the leaves of them to the base of the flower head and glued under the leaves and inserted them as I pleased through the wreath. This is the best part-arranging them however you feel like it and nobody can stop you. 😉

Here is our door all gussied up and ready for Spring. We just bought our house a couple of months ago and fell in love with all of it’s charm and character, this gorgeous front door being part of that.


I chose to leave some space about 2/3 of the way from the top to let the twigs show, but I also made another one for the Fall and glued the whole way around. The girls helped me with this one (also made with stuff from the Dollar Tree):


And here is one we made for Christmas:


See? The possibilities are endless!

And I even had a lot of flowers left over to bring Spring inside the house as well!


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