Bunny Ballerina Doll


I’m going to admit it: I am a terrible aunt! I have four nieces and one nephew and I am the worst at remembering birthdays and such things. So, for Easter this year I decided to make all of my nieces and my two little girls bunny dolls. So I searched Pinterest for just the right pattern: cute, but simple; not too complex and not too expensive. I saw a lot of cute things and many clever ideas. Sadly, though, they were much more work than I wanted to to when I had to make them six times over. Soooo, I came up with a little pattern of my own, thank you very much. It took me about an hour to make each of these bunnies (aren’t they cute) from start to finish. So buckle up because this tutorial is going to go fast.

Supplies needed:

*Cotton fabric, your color of choice

*Scrap fabric for inner ear

*fabric paint (both flat and puffy)

*Scrap Tulle in your color of choice

*Fabric marker


I am terrible with patterns and I often don’t use them. I sew like I cook-I make it up as  I go! So, I’m sorry to say I don’t have an actual pattern to work with, but I just folded a piece of paper long ways and drew half a bunny, then cut it out and unfolded the paper to reveal a full one then used this to cut two out of my cotton fabric.

After the pattern was cut out, I cut out fabric for the inner ears from scrap fabric I had and made them just smaller than the ear itself and sewed them on using a straight stitch for a raw edge. I found by trial and error it was best to paint the face and outfit on before I sewed it together. I used black puffy paint for the eyes and drew the nose and mouth on with a fabric pen.  Then I used a little pink fabric paint to rosey up the cheeks, dabbing at it very lightly then blending it in with a dry brush so it looks slightly blushed and not just completely like pink circles.

ImageI then painted on the shoes and leotard. After they were dry ( a hairdryer works wonders for speeding up this process) I sewed it together, wrong sides together, so it had raw edges. I did this for the shabby chic effect and also and mainly because I hate turning those little arms and legs inside out! After this was done, I stuffed it and sewed the tutu on by hand with pink tulle. And-Voila! There you have it: an adorable ballerina bunny!Image

NOTE:I made these ballerinas because my girls are obsessed with anything girly, particularly ballerinas, but you can make them with any clothes you want. I would love to see any patterns you come up with! Send them to me please!



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