Time to reevaluate…

I have had my Etsy shop on “vacation mode” for about a month now trying to catch up on orders I have in. I specialize in custom quilts, and though ten orders might not really sound like a lot, when they take about three months to make, it takes up a lot of time….and time is money. I am really no business woman. It’s all very overwhelming and confusing to me sometimes. So, I have been pondering whether I should cut back on taking customs orders in general, or just offer simpler patterns and quilts of a much smaller size, like baby quilts or throw size quilts, or if I should do away with quilts in general! I do a lot of custom guest book quilts for baby showers or weddings, and have done family tree quilts as well. So, here are some pictures of what I have made and some things I have currently for sale. I could use some serious feedback or any advice anyone might have in making a more profitable business, and if any of my items stands out to them! Thanks!

Superman Baby Tag Blanket1. Superman sensory blanket.2.Guest book tree quilt 3.Patriotic quilt4. Baby pinwheel quilt 5.Custom baby shower quest book quilt 6.Charlotte’s Web book purse 7. Custom team quilt

One thought on “Time to reevaluate…

  1. I have no insights to offer as I am pretty much in the same boat as you; difference is that I have not launched my etsy shop yet (I do local orders). I often feel overwhelmed by it all as I really just enjoy my crafts and would love to augment our income by selling more but don’t really know how. Have launched a new blog http://www.handmadeandhomespun.wordpress.com to promote our business and share craft ideas, we shall see how that goes. I do want to say that your work is lovely, I love quilts and know how to quilt but don’t love piecing (crochet is my fote); the book purse is fabulous. My advice, just count it all joy sister. God bless and keep you.

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