The Quilted Wall

A quilter by trade, and LOVE different textiles and interesting patterns. It is no surprise that I have also jumped on the wallpaper-everything bandwagon. Sadly, though, wallpaper can cost an absolute mint! As I was browsing the scrapbook aisle of the craft store one day, drooling over all of the beautiful paper and lamenting over my total lack of interest and skill in the scrapbooking department, an idea of pure genius popped into my head. I have been long wanting to spruce up our lackadaisical bedroom with some shabby chic wallpaper. But, to do even one accent wall would be a fortune considering a roll of paper costs anywhere from $30-$100, sometimes plus. Throw in the paste, and we are closing in on the price of this cheapskates wedding dress. As I have said, I am in the quilting business. If it looks good on your bed, why not on the wall? I bought three books of scrapbook paper, all with a vintagey, faded, fished-out-of-a-bin- at- a- flea market look that even looked a little like wallpaper. For all three books, it only set me back thirty bucks.  I then made my own paste, something I learned from my frugal and resourceful mother, of flour and water.  I painted the back of the paper, enlisting the help of my four-year-old daughters, and “quilted” the wall and part of the ceiling behind my bed. I have to admit, in total humility, that I love the way it turned out.To give it the look of different scraps of wallpaper rather than of scrapbook paper, I put two sheets of the same pattern directly next to each other.  My one regret about this project is that I went with the flour and water paste.  I have used it for wallpaper paste in other rooms in my home, but to the far left on the far side of the wall just beyond the nightstand is a heating vent. Just above it, the paper has started to come off from the warm air.  The one thing I love about using this paste, other than the fact that it is totally cheap and saves me a trip to the hardware store, is that if I want to remove paper, it makes taking it down much, much easier. If you have small children, though, as I do, that’s not always to your advantage either.

Anyway, this is a super cheap and easy way to give your lifeless room a facelift. I don’t recommend, however, doing more than an accent wall, because I think the effect would be dizzyingly overwhelming if done on all four walls.


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