Zucchinni and Sausage Cheese Ravioli

This year, we planted a sweet little garden in our postage stamp  backyard with twelve tomato plants and three zucchini plants.  I look forward to fried zucchini every summer. Since my husband and children won’t touch it, I usually hoard it greedily to myself.  Then, one fateful night, I threw this recipe together, trying to hide some veggies in his food. He will usually eat anything with pasta, cheese, and sausage, so I thought I could sneak some zucchini in there hoping he wouldn’t notice.  If you have ever planted a zucchini or squash plant of any kind, you know they usually produce over an abundance of what you need and more than you can ever eat. So, I thought I would be generous and share my surplus with my hubby.   The joke was on me, though, because he LOVED it, and we were eating zucchini so much because he was asking me to make this meal and one other one that I will post soon (zucchini and sausage perogies-YUM!) that my plants were devoid of my precious squash that I think I only made fried zucchini once. Anyway, I cook like my mom and usually just throw open my cupboards,  see what we have, and throw it all together.  Sometimes it works, and this is a recipe I hope to pass on to my kiddos. It’s super easy, and better yet-super yummy and even a little healthy!  This recipe is for 2-5 people. Hope you enjoy it!

Zucchini and Sausage Cheese Ravioli

-a bag of cheese ravioli (I cheat. I have made ravioli from scratch before, which is also yummy, but so much work! You can also use meat ravioli, but I prefer cheese because I put sausage in this recipe)

-1/2 lb. hot sausage or one link of hot sausage (you can use mild, I just love things a little spicy) 🙂

-1 large onion

– 2 large tomatoes or one large can of diced tomatoes (if you have harvested vegetables like we have, I use one gallon bag of frozen tomatoes)

-1 large zucchini

-rosemary, sage, and salt to taste or a dash of sausage seasoning (recipe below)

In large skillet, dice onions and saute in a little butter or just add with meat. For an alternative to sausage that is a little healthier, add ground turkey and then the sausage seasoning.  Chop up the zucchini and cook with sausage and onions until tender. Add can of tomatoes or chop tomatoes and add to pot, let simmer down until there is just a little juice left.  Boil ravioli for serving of 2-5 people, however many you are cooking for. All ravioli is different sizes, so I can’t give an exact amount to use, but you can follow serving size on the back of the bag.  Add a dash of the rosemary, sage and salt to taste or add the sausage seasoning. Pour sauce over ravioli, and viola!- muy delicioso!

Sausage Seasoning (recipe from cooks.com)

-3Tbs. rosemary, ground

-10 Tbs. ground sage

-7Tbs. salt

-3 Tbs. plus 1 tsp. marjoram

-3 Tbs. plus 1 tsp. basil

-3Tbs. plus one tsp. garlic powder

-3Tbs. plus one cayenne (if you like things a little spicier)

This makes about one cup of seasoning. I love it, and use it all the time as a little seasoning to spice things up!


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