DIY Silhouettes Part I

I am still getting the hang of this blogging thing, but I thought I would try my hand at posting my new creations. For Christmas this year, I was trying to come up with some chic, cheap, and personal gifts for my family. Since silhouettes seem to be all the rage nowadays, I thought they would make a great gift for my sisters of their sweet little families and their kids. I have tried different methods with little success. I had the brilliant idea that I wanted to use pretty scrapbook paper instead of the usual black construction paper. I have to admit, my journey to get here has been very stressful! I tried one method after another. I scanned Pinterest for inspiration. I googled. Still, I had trouble. THEN, while laying awake this morning (I do a lot of my best thinking while the children are still in bed) I came up with this plan! It worked brilliantly! I hope you can find it helpful too!

Choose a photo that has lots of good lines in it, not one that will look like a shapeless blob or mass once you have cut it out. Trust me, I have made this mistake one too many times myself. Scan the photo onto your computer or download from your camera, etc. Then choose a paper that somewhat coordinates with your photo.Pick out pretty paper of your choice and cut it to the size of your picture frame. Print your image on the back of the paper. Make sure that when you are adjusting your image on your computer choose the paper size that your frame will be and when you are printing, set the settings to "mirror" so that your image will be facing the right way when you go to cut it out. Also, a handy tip is to trace the outside of the printed image with a pencil for ease when you are cutting it out. It's sometimes difficult to see all of the lines correctly when you got to cut it out.